WKHT/WWST Knoxville

Expand product offerings and grow revenue in a down economy.


WKHT/WWST Knoxville was looking for a way to expand their product offerings and grow their revenue in a down economy.


Utilize a text messaging campaign to generate revenue.


WKHT and WWST sold annual keyword contracts during a one-day sale. As an extension to their yearly ad campaigns, clients purchased a schedule that included two ten second commercial spots per day asking listeners to text an exclusive keyword to receive that day’s offer.

Words included college, money, car, pizza, and ski. For ski, listeners would text in the word “SKI” to be opted in for ski slope reports exclusive to the ski resort, a premium program that gave the ski resort a market advantage over the three other resorts in the area.


Out of the 15 programs that the station has run since partnering with Hipcricket, the one-day sale took first place with a mobile revenue generation of more than $100,000 and a gain of seven new annual clients.