KNDE Database Builder

Text message campaign to drive additional revenue and increase listener engagement.


KNDE was looking for a solution to expand its sales efforts as well as finding a new way to engage its listener base.


Drive additional revenue and increase listener engagement.


KNDE utilized Hipcricket’s mobile marketing solutions and its own database to obtain these goals.


“We partnered with Hipcricket this fall and the results have been extraordinary. Just in October alone we saw more than 66,000 incoming text messages. Our listeners love it and on-air talent swear by it! From the programming side it's revolutionized the way we present our product for the better. Now we get limitless feedback from our listeners without having to filter them through our phone screeners or worry about having to hit the dump button.”

“From the sales side, it's opened up a whole new world of revenue from a source that's cutting edge, hip, and speaks to our clients in a whole new way. Hipcricket's support staff is top-notch! Our account representative has been nothing but a blessing to work with. He's taken the necessary time in training us on the system even if the calls came late night or on weekends.”

“Anyone looking at branching out into mobile marketing with Hipcricket would be a fool to pass on this opportunity! Not only does it speak to your listeners in the manner they are talking to each other, it speaks to your bottom line with a brand new revenue stream that can yield some impressive results.” — Tucker Young, Program Director, KNDE Candy 95