KKDM – Childserve

Connect potential candidates through a measurable medium.


ChildServe is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care and support of children with special health needs.


In partnership with KKDM, connect to potential candidates through a measurable medium.


Through a Business Accelerator program with Hipcricket, KKDM sold an annual campaign to ChildServe. Through the campaign, listeners were encouraged to text in the word ‘CHILD’ to receive information on nursing positions, volunteer opportunities, and information on how to contact the organization. In addition, listeners could reply with a keyword to be contacted directly by ChildServe.


Scott Atwood, Staff Resource Mananger at ChildServe, Inc. said, “We have been able to directly contact 34 out of the 37 people for applications. Nine of those have gone to our website to apply.

“The return on this campaign has been the ability to touch 81 potential applicants. Furthermore, the additional 34 we have been able to contact have each been unique candidates. That is to say that they had not applied with us before.”

“The decision to use this strategy was made for several reasons. First, it is very unique to the area, to the state, and to the country. There are only a handful of organizations using the texting technology as a recruitment strategy. Additionally, almost everyone has their cell phone with them all the time. This provides a distinct recruitment advantage over other media; and it puts the applicant directly and immediately in touch with ChildServe’s brand, its people, and its employment opportunities. We know that this strategy has put 81 people in touch with our brand and our employment opportunities.”