Only Hipcricket® let’s you DEVELOP, ENGAGE, ANALYZE, OPTIMIZE & MONETIZE all forms of mobile engagement from one unified platform.

Our approach enables you to truly tailor your activities in rapid and unparalleled ways, and to make the data actionable, not just by collecting it, but applying it in real time.

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Mobile First Marketing: 8 billion impressions per month ad network, and a complete suite of mobile advertising and marketing solutions all driven by a single set of audience targeting, tracking and optimization tools with central reporting to get a clear picture of the mobile eco-system.

Seamless Fit: Our solutions are designed to integrate with any client or third party databases, to retrieve, apply, and return any type of segmentation or customer data needed. If customization is needed, our proven in house development team can make it happen on time, on budget.

Applied Analytics: It's not just about collecting and analyzing data but most importantly, its about applying the data, in real time to enhance the relevance and ROI of any mobile engagements. Simple tools and a self service platform provide our clients with everything they need to adapt and evolve their mobile marketing strategies based on real time data.

Analytics Services: Our analytics services team can help you make sense from the data. Vertical benchmarketing, trend analysis, audience analysis, and a myriad of other services are available.